The Loan Request Form:  If you have not legally established or incorporated your company name, please provide    your preferred company name and indicate (proposed), if you will be trading under a different name list your dba/ _______________  (doing business as). Bank information is for personal as well as business accounts. Accountant and attorney should be listed if you have one. Trade references only apply if you already own the business and seeking an expansion loan.


Project Cost Estimates:  We will complete this form, but if you have a detailed breakout of costs please attach or include.


Source of Capital Injection: We need to know the sources for you to make the down payment. Copies of Bank or Financial Statements should be included.


Borrowers Authorization To Release Information: Needs to be signed and dated by all partners who will own 20% or more of the newly started or acquired business. 


Personal Income and Expense: List your expected income after the acquisition or start-up of the business should include spouse’s income (if married). Expenses should be realistically portrayed and adjusted to the living situation and/or personal expenses you will have after the purchase or opening the business. Numbers should be annualized (one year totals).


Personal Financial Statement:  Updated information needed for your PFS. Most commonly omitted is Section 2 (notes payable). This section refers to: Auto loans, credit cards, and personal bank loans. Omit credit cards or debt where the balance is paid off monthly. Section 5 refers to personal property like furniture, jewelry, household items and valuable collections, please list general categories with $ amounts. Section 4 should include all personal properties including home, vacation home, rental home, land and home equity loans (detailed information must be provided).


Management Resume: Basic Information and dates need to be filled out, but you can attach a resume if you have one. You must respond to the US citizen question or alien registration #. If you are not a US Citizen, but have permanent status in the US recognized by the INS (Immigration Naturalization Service), you can qualify. Copy of your alien registration card or green card (both sides) should be included in the application.


4506 –Request For Copy or Transcript of Tax Forms – Just fill-out 1(a) and 1(b) and 2(a) and 2(b) if married and filing jointly and sign and date it at the bottom of the page. You need to include 3 years of personal tax returns with your application.



Personal History:  Fill-out 1-9. Must answer truthfully questions 6-8. If you answer “yes” to any of these, you should include an explanation of circumstances, charges and outcome.  



Other documents: Required Include:  3 years personal tax returns, articles of incorporation (if incorporated), last years W-2 or 1099 form, and green card or alien registration card (if not a US citizen).






For Business Acquisition:                                   Start-Up or Acquisition of Franchise 


3 Years Corporate Tax Returns                             Total Investment Required (Start-Up Franchise)                                                                                                                   

Purchase Agreement                                              Purchase Agreement (If purchasing franchise)

Description of Business (Brochures)                     UFOC (For franchises only, and if you have a copy)

Office Lease                                                           Draft or Final Office Lease (If Available)

Financial Statement, P&L, Balance Sheet,            Business Plan (for independently run start-up businesses)

(should be no older than 45 days)                          Business Plan (for start-up franchise if one available)


If you need assistance on developing a business plan, visit us at: or


To complete the application:  After filling out the information (preferably on your computer), please email it back to us at or print out the total application and fax it to us at (732) 495-7058.  Please remember to mail our processing fee of $250 (Payable to Diamond Financial Services) when sending in your initial application package.  We will review the application and send an original to you for your signatures.  Then return the application and all supporting document to:


Diamond Financial

262 Highway 36

West Keansburg, NJ 07734


Should you have any questions call us at our toll free number:    (877) 508-2274

Or call for the Diamond Financial Office nearest you!